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Apsose Cells and w/ formulas

Hi, we recently downloaded the hotfix for some pivot table enhancements. Those work nicely. However, we encounter runtime errors when calculating formulas using a colon ":" as the parameters delimeter. This is legal in Excel I think.

I downloaded and the runtime error goes away. I also noticed in the cell.formula documentation that it says the following:

"A formula string always begins with an equal sign (=). And please always use comma(,) as parameters delimeter, such as "=SUM(A1, E1, H2)".

Question, I don't want to have to recode a bunch of existing reports, is this a feature that you removed from when going to Moving forward will we need to use only a comma as the parameters delimeter?




Could you post your template file with the formula (involving colon) to show the issue.

Thank you.

Attached is the spreadsheet. This was generated w/ however threw a runtime error with the formula in cell B13


Hi Chris,

I think you misunderstood colon usage in Excel formulas. It isn't a parameter delimeter but represents a range. So we always support such formulas as "=SUM(A1:B2, E1)".

In v4.4, we don't remove features in v4.3.0.15. Instead, we fixed this runtime error in pivot table for v4.3.0.15.