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Arabic Encoding

Dear all
im trying to export a pdf file with arabic characters but it keeps givin me a blank spaces instead. ive tried the FonInfo.IsUnicode and FontInfo.FontEncoding put both does not work is there anything else i should do.


Dear samgh147,

Thanks for your consideration.

I don’t know Arabic but I think Aspose.Pdf can support Arabic with truetype font and unicode. Please send your test code or xml file and you truetype font file to me. I will test it. Thanks.

hi and thanks for helping me ive been stuck in this for hours and i have tried everything. please review my code and tell me what can i do as a solution

Dim pdf As pdf
pdf = New pdf()

Dim xmlFile As String = path + “\Xml\sam.xml”

pdf.BindXML(xmlFile, Nothing)
pdf.TextInfo.IsUnicode = True
pdf.TextInfo.FontEncoding = “UTF-8”
pdf.PageSetup.PageHeight = PageSize.A4Height
pdf.PageSetup.PageWidth = PageSize.A4Width
pdf.PageSetup.Margin.Top = 8
pdf.PageSetup.Margin.Bottom = 8

Dim hf As HeaderFooter
hf = pdf.Sections(0).OddHeader
Dim logoImage As Image
logoImage = CType(hf.Paragraphs(0), Image)

Dim section As section
section = pdf.Sections(“section1”)
section.TextInfo.IsUnicode = True
Dim dataText As Text
dataText = CType(section.Paragraphs(“PatientName”), Text)
Dim seg1 As Segment
seg1 = dataText.Segments(0)

'ive tried it with an without this line
'seg1.TextInfo.FontName = “Arial”

seg1.TextInfo.IsUnicode = True
seg1.TextInfo.TruetypeFontFileName = “C:/windows/fonts/Arabic Transparent.ttf”
seg1.Content = “samer " & “???” & " tamer” ’ here were i want to write arabic

logoImage.ImageInfo.File = path + “\Images\Header.jpg”
logoImage.ImageScale = 1

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Patient Name:



page $p

i have also tried
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" ?>
but it does not work
and if i write in Arabic directly to the XML its displays an error of encoding

thank you