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Arabic Text Rendering

Dear All,,

I have recently downloaded your trial version of Aspose.Word and used it to open rdl (MS Reprting Srvices) reports in word documents, realy it wa nice and works fine but wth english txt reports, unfortuanetly it doesnt work with reports containng arabic text the text appear inverted. and the layout of whol page is corrupted ,, So Im looking for fast and effective solution because I have an urgent issue should b done withing a dead line from my company ,, so Im intrested to buy your licenced version to work withing huge application done by our company for public sector..

I will tell you what I did to b involved ,, As I told you I intalled Aspose.Word and installed it on repoting server machine mnually ,, I followed th steps Illustated in your web site for the manual installation, then I tired rendering the reports programmatically via Reporting service Web Services..

(Also for rendering reports I followed the steps you mentioned in Rendering Reports rogrammatically in your web site ) but the problem as I told you was in arabic reports ,, and most of my reports wer done in Arabic language..

Kindly ,, I need your help..


Suhaib , Senior .net Developer, Abu Dhai,UAE

Hi Suhaib,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words for Reporting Services.

As discussed with you in the chat:

1. You try to provide us at least one RDL sample and possibly data that uses right to left text. It does not have to be the real data. Just replace real text with "blah blah" in Arabic. Attach here to the forum.

2. We will check and try to support this asap. You will get replies in this forum from the developer and it will send you an email notification as well.

Hopefully you will hear from us within the next 2-3 days.

Dear Suhaib,

Thank you for your request. I am a developer of Aspose.Words for Reporting Services and I have logged your issue in our defect database. While waiting for your sample report, I will create several test reports containing Arabic text and check their appearance.


I have fixed the RTL (right-to-left) text issues. Thank you for reporting them to us. Now the Arabic text is not inverted anymore and paragraph layout is preserved properly.

Please find attached. This is an interim (not official) build of the product that we sometimes provide to our customers to let them resolve issues quickly. It contains the fix. Just replace the dll and try to export your reports. Then let me know if the Arabic text problem solved.

If there are more issues to fix, just specify them and provide a sample report as discussed above.

Thank you and Im looking forward to your response.

Dear Dmitry Vorobyev,

first of all I like to thank you for your valuable effort and your high responasbility in addition to your care of our issue.

I've downloaded your attachement and used the modified dll instead of the previous one and it works fine for most of tested reports. but sometimes I need to change some properties like text alignment and direction, which is normal to be all like RTL, although it doesn't matter for pdf rendering to set like this properties..and to be honest I need more one working day to make all my test for all layout issues with all used controls such as ( images, tables, matrices..) ..

For now I tested many reports and most worked fine but with twlo important exceptions :

1-When you use two textboxes beside each other both of rtl and general text alignment if the text retreived from data base the fileld is shefted to the left with wide space but I fix this issue to put the cursor before the word and press back space once (which means there is one character space but it appears like big spcae)..

2- Some Reports when I try to open them from report manager of reporting service throw an exception (object reference not set to an instance of an object) the yellow page is appearing and the repprt cannot be rendered.. (I fyou like I can attach to you the error page) to see the trace .. but I think report service web sit throw the exception when trying to render to word cause I tried the same report to be rendered in all built in formats and it worked fine.. to be honestly, that report containig many sub reports and I removed one of them then it worked without exception.. but Im sure that my sub report doesn't have any problems and it runs fine alone..

Kindly,, please check these two issues and focus on exception issue as soon as possible (cause you know the report doesn't render att all with that exception),, and reply to me and I hope to get yor reply as soosn as possible,, to discus togother Licence purchasing issues immediately,, because maximum it should be work in within 1 or 2 days ..

Senior .NET Develpoer ..

Dear Suhaib,

Thank you for specifying the issues. I'm eager to help you ASAP, but now I need your sample reports to reproduce them on my end. Once you provide them, I will try to fix the issues immediately.

Remember that you can remove or replace any sensitive data in your report. You can even leave problematic areas only. For example, to fix the issue #1, all I need is the two textboxes you mentioned. If the error #2 occurs after you remove all the contained text - just remove it, and so on.


Dear Dmitry Vorobyev,

Thank you for your respone, we get the approval to get licensed version of your last modified product, so I will explain for you my case :

I have two MS Report Servers each accessed with one user. So I think I need two developer Licences , Right???

Kindly , suggest to me the best Licence type choice to be appropriate for my above mentioned case..

and as you know that I don't have much time to test your last modified version DLL

so it should be mentioned in the qoutation to make support and modification by aspose for the licensed version till we finally meet all our users demands.

Kindly, send me the proposed qoutation for our suggested licences..ASAP..



Dear Suhaib,

Being a technical person, I will let our sales managers know about your request immediately. They will respond shortly.


Dear Dmitry Vorobyev,

Thank you for your fast response, I got reply from your sale staff in Pakistan and I sent to hime some questions and waiting for his reply..

Anyways , I don't know if you can contact him just to purchase the last modified one and not the one exist on your web site..

Bytheway, Technically, I have a problem which mentioned in my previous post:

When I use two text boxes beside each other the lay out appear on word as table, and the text in the text box is shifted to the left side by one back space so I have two press back space to get the right alignment..

kindly find the attachment, containing rdl and doc files , note that I have image control in the footer beside a textbox the text in the textbox should be exactly next to the image not to be seperated by one backspace. and whole the footer is shifted to the left ...

Kindly ,, Check and Your fast response is highly appreciated..


There is no principial difference from which location you download the product: from the download page (official release) or from this forum where we sometimes provide intermediate builds for our customers to let them have hotfixes sooner.

Thank you for providing the attachment. I will take a look into it shortly. Please expect a reply in a few hours.

I have fixed the issue. Thank you for reporting it. Please find attached document, this is how the output looks like now.

What about the second issue? I'm eager to fix it as well.

Dear Dmitry Vorobyev,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks allot, for now everything is going fine and thanks for your effective cooperation . I have one more issue but I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any samples now I may send it later, but if you make a test report then your effort will be highly appreciated from our side.

Kindly, the problem that when I have in my report an image control and over that image I put textbox (label) and send image to the back so the text appears over the image itself. When the report is exported as a word document, it is rendered as a table the image and the text come in the same row but the text is below the image, not over the image. As you know in word document you can put on the image label or text area to write inside.

So, it will be valuable effort from your side just to make like this sample report and try to export it as doc file.

Form my side if I hade a sample I will send it to you ASAP.

I’m looking to hear from you ASAP.

Regards & Thanks,


So do the textbox and the image overlap? Overlappings are not possible in flow layout mode which is default layout for documents produced by Aspose.Words for Reporting Services. This means that in Word you cannot put a standard inline paragraph of text over an inline image. To achieve that, you should use a textbox or text frame which is offered by positioned layout when the resulting document all over consists of textboxes and floating images:


But remember the positioned layout is always harder to edit by the end user.

If I am not correct about what you wanted to describe, please create a sample report and attach it to your post.


Dear Dmitry Vorobyev,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thank you again, to be honest I finished my work today and I have off day tomorrow, so I will do all my tests next Saturday. But for now, if the positioned layout fixes what I want, I like to know if I can apply it on some reports and let the remaining reports with flow layout. Because I have only one report having that overlapping we talked about recently.

Kindly, if you have any way just to apply positioned layout on certain reports only. Let me know and tell me the way to do that.

Thanks & Regards,


Dear Suhaib,

Unfortunately, at the moment it is only possible to set configuration options per an SSRS instance. Enabling users to perform that per individual report is one of our top priority features to implement, but it is 1-2 months away.

Sinc this is the only case, can we work it around somehow? Is the text on top of the image static? Maybe it is easier to edit the image making the text its part?

Dear Dmitry,

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience, you know my problem that my client is VIP and they want every thing done exactly as they want.

My text is not static, it is retrieved from query. Do you have any more workaround solutions to be applied to this report, even if it requires from me to write some extra code??

Kindly, for now just provide me with the last update which was done upon my post which was before last one when I attached to you a sample.

Regards & Thanks,


Dear Suhaib,

Could you please attach a sample report with an image and text in question? I will try to find a workaround for you ASAP.

And please find attached zip.


Dear Dmitry,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thank you again, today is off day and unfortunately I tried to make for you any rdl file on my own computer at home but I have a problem with visual studio it self so I need more time to get vs cd to reinstall or to repair.

I already have arranged with your sales staff to buy the component tomorrow cause it should be deployed tomorrow and work on production server but you should help me to make some workaround fixing the problem. You will have our highly appreciated if you make a very simple report containing only two controls, image and textboxes controls. Put textbox on the top of image then send the image to the back by clicking right image control and selecting send to back, so the image will appear as a background for the text.

When I made test before the image appeared above the text not as a background, like two rows in a table the image in the first row and the text on the second one (no overlapping at all).

Kindly, it will be valuable effort from you to see from you today and ASAP. Because they will ask me to do something before purchasing tomorrow, and I promised that I will do my bests.

So your help will be valuable to me with my client.



Well, two possible workarounds are coming to my mind:

  1. You make the image a background image for the whole report (probably requires modifying the image to position it properly). If it is possible, then you can make the text sit on top of the image without any additional efforts.
  2. I introduce some report-level mark that indicate this particular report should be exported in positioned mode. For example, if a report contains a hidden textbox with the "POSITIONED" text in it, then it should be exported as a bunch of textboxes that, as you know, allow overlappings in Word documents. But remember: 1) the entire report will be harder to edit then 2) this may require a few hours or even another day of work.

What do you think?

Dear Dmitry,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thank you again, For the first suggestion, It will be hard to me to know the exact location of the image even in a page itself or which page, since the report shown as table and followed by a signature, the signature is an image retrieved from data base-the thing I forgot to tell you about- and the name of the signature is the text should be appear on the top of that image (also retrieved from data base).

About the second suggestion, Even I didn’t understand what did you mean exactly, but I think it will be better especially that we can apply a positioned overflow over the required report only (not all other reports).

Kindly , for now just explain point 2 more for me to understand ,and wait of my reply tomorrow when I go work and ask the client if they can wait for one more day just to give you more time to fix point number 2 which you mentioned in the last post.