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ArgumentOutOfRangeException using LoadData

I am using LoadData to process a bunch of Excel files. This has been working fine but I have recently been experience an ArgumentOutOfRangeException (with the message "index and count must refer to a location within the buffer") when trying to open some of the files.

I cannot send you any of the files in question because the contents are sensitive. However, I have been spending the past several days looking in to it. Today I made a slight breakthrough in at least getting a possible cause. The documents that have the problem contain hyperlinks. If I remove the actual hyperlink, the document loads fine.

I cannot manually remove the hyperlinks on these documents. I need to know if this is a known issue or if I am doing something wrong.

For the record, my Aspose.Cells version is




We appreciate if you could post your template file to us, it will help us really to figure out the issue. I think you may remove your confidential data and replace it with dummy data in this regard.

Alternatively, I think you may use Workbook.Open() method as we have enhanced the method recently and it will give you better performance. Could you try the attached version.

Thank you.

I know how much easier it would be if I could send you the document (even without the data) but recreating it would be difficult and time consuming. This isn't just your standard spreadsheet with columns and rows. Someone basically created a detailed form in an Excel spreadsheet (just using cells and rows, no fields or anything). The sheet itself is of a classified nature so I can't just move it over to the internet. I would have to recreate it from scratch.

I just downloaded the zip and will transfer it over to my development machine and test it out.



I just tested the updated DLL (after changing my code to use Open rather than LoadData) and everything works fine now.