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ArgumentOutOfRangeException when opening existing file

I am using the latest version ( of your Apose.Excel library.

There is an existing spreadsheet that is used as a template that causes an ArgumentOutOfRange exception to be thrown when attempting to open the report (Excel.Open)

The file used to work correctly, the only change to it recently has been the addition of a few GETPIVOTDATA calls. I can send you the file if that will help.

Please post your file here. That will help us to investigate this problem. What's GETPIVOTDATA? Is it a method in VBA?

Yes GETPIVOTDATA is a VBA function to lookup data in a pivot table. I've attached the relevant file. Thanks very much for your time

This bug is caused by a DataValidation setting in your template file. I fixed it. Please try the attached fix.

Brilliant! Thank you very much, all working now. I would like to say a big thank you to you and your developers, I am very impressed by the speed of your response.