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ARRRRGGHHH! File Error: data may have been lost

I’m getting a message “File Error: data may have been lost” when opening the excel file that one of our users has created

Does anyone know if there is any way of recovering the file from this error, debugging software etc??

Any help will be greately appreciated.

Andrew Turner

Dear Andrew,

Sorry for the problem.

Do you know the version of Excel file, Excel97, Excel2000,ExcelXP or Excel2003?

You can try the newest fix. And if the problem still exists, could you send the excel file to me? I will investigate it.

Hi mate,

The file was written in Excel '97, but I have 2K and it does the same in that too.

I may have found a program that can fix the problem but I will need to install Office Xp first. If that doesn’t fix it I will send you the file.

Thankyou very much

Kind Regards

Thanks for your help, but I found some shareware here :

That rebuilt the file for me.


Dear Andy,

I am glad that you problem is solved.

Your information is also helpful to us. Thank you.