Asian Character Support for GetThumbNail


Does Aspose support generating image previews of slides containing asian characters?

Please see attached zip for example replicating the problem and the resulting image.

Please let me know what's up if you have a chance.



Hello Phil.

Aspose.PowerPoint has support for asian fonts since version Simply update component.


Attached should be the same sample with the latest version of the PowerPoint component. Shortly after I posted, I found that there was a slightly more recent version of the component.

Unfortunately, I think the asian character support updates were for the actual manipulation of PowerPoint presentations, not for generation of thumbnails.

Thank you for your time.



Dear Phil,

Do you have MS PGothic font on the computer where you run this program?


Hello Phil.

Version is a bit buggy, including some text-related, so I recommend to use the latest version ( for a moment). But even with dll from your archieve I’ve got canji instead of hollow rectangles. So, make sure asian languages support for windows installed (control panel - locales - languages tab).


I downloaded the latest version and had the same problem. I think the previous post had it right that I was using an embedded font and in order to work, I have to use a system font. So I changed the font to Arial Unicode MS (same characters) and it got a step further. Now instead of wrapping the text and showing a new line, it continues until the image ends - truncating the text and not formatting it properly on the slide.

Attached is an example demonstrating the problem.

Thanks for your time.



It still work on my system. Please, send me thumbnail created from an attached presentation.


preview generated was attached in my last post in the zip archive. Here it is though.



No, I slightly modified your presentation and want to get it’s thumbnail. Modified presentation attached to my previous post.


Gotcha. Using your sample with the formatting changes mid-line worked no problem.