Asose.Excel license problem upgrading website to .net2.0


I keep getting this message:

System.Exception: The license is for a different product or corrupted.
at Aspose.Excel.Win32.b..ctor(String[] keys, TextReader licenseReader)
at Aspose.Excel.Win32.c.a(String A_0, String A_1, TextReader A_2, Page A_3)
at Aspose.Excel.Excel.SetLicense(TextReader licenseReader, Page page)

after I upgrade our website to .net 2.0. The same license I used in .net 1.1 but now I get this error!!!

this is very urgent since it is in production. Please help!!!!



Dear Arthur,

I think you are using a very old version of Aspose.Excel. It does have problem with .net2.0.


1. Request a new license file from our sales team. You can post your request at .

2. Upgrade to latest version of Aspose.Cells. To upgrade your program, please check: .


I have paid all my renewal fees up to date so far, and going through the files they send back after renewing, i found that they have sent me aspse.cells.lic files. Well I do not have aspose.cells, I have aspose.excel.

What can I do to fix it?


For some external reasons, Aspose.Excel is changed to Aspose.Cells in the start of this year.

Please download Aspose.Cells at .

The update steps are simple. Please:

1. Change all "Aspose.Excel" namespace in your program to "Aspose.Cells".

2. Change the following classes' name:

Excel -> Workbook

ExcelDesigner -> WorkbookDesigner

3. Change set license code:


Thanks Laurence,

Unfortunately it is not that simple. I am trying to do a quick upgrade to the Aspose.Cells, but in the old Excel version there was a function 'Excel.SaveToStream' what happened to that or what replaced that?



Please use this Workbook.Save method:

public void Save(Stream stream, FileFormatType fileFormatType):


Thanks Laurence,

That worked, I have one question remaining though. We paid for 2 versions, the developer oem subscribtion and the Developer Enterprise Subscription, but I have only received a license in the email for the developer OEM subscription.

Can I please get the license for the Developer Enterprise Subscription, so that I can deploy it to production, or will this one work in Production?



Dear Arthur,

You can deploy the developer oem subscription license file in your production server.

For another license issue, our sales team will support you soon.


Dear Arthur,

Thank you for the further information in the post. The following URL outlines the steps for downloading licenses:

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulies and I will be more than glad to assist.