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Aspose and Word XML Kit (Toolbox)

Received : 2007/09/12 11:50:02
Message : Hello,

I would like to use Aspose.Word with the Word XML Kit downloadable here:

With this kit, I can set XML elements in my word document. It's a lot easier than using the fusion fields. Moreover, I thought I could use these XML elements to avoid the display of certain part of the documents...

Is it possible ? Is there a solution for me to use this XML elements with Aspose, for instance, using a MailMerge ?

Thank you very much for you reply.

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Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words.

Aspose.Words does not directly work with this tool. Aspose.Words can open and save documents in Word 2003 XML format (as well as other formats). You can programmatically modify document content and formatting in Aspose.Words. You can populate a document with data using mail merge like engine in Aspose.Words. That's probably all I can do right now. The rest is up to you.