Aspose.BarCode Supports Pdf417!


Dear customers,

We've released Aspose.BarCode !

New features:

1. Pdf417 2D BarCode symbology supported.

  • Go to your Toolbox panel and add the new Aspose.BarCode.dll
  • Drag the BarCodeControl from Toolbox to your windows form, or drag the BarCodeWebControl to your web form
  • Go to the properties panel and select this control's property SymbologyType to Aspose.BarCode.Symbology.Pdf417 from the dropdownlist
  • Experience this new Pdf417 type of BarCode

2. BarCodeWebControl optimized

Enhanced barcode image's rendering structure. HttpHandler is no longer needed in dynamic image generation.
Now you can drag and drop our BarCodeWebControl onto your web form without modifying any other config files, in a totally carefree style.

3. New Demo and Documentation available

4. Fixed from in 1.4.* included

5. BarCodeControl's designer interface improved