Aspose Barcode Error When Refereced at the same time


i have been using the aspose barcode successfully for the past couple of years. i have found that every now and again there has been errors thrown when we try to intialise the barcode i.e. using the code


what i have found using my error logging software is that this only happens when two or more processes try to call this above piece of code at the same time.

do you have a fix for this problem or have you came across this before.


Thanks for your considering Aspose.BarCode.

We do not find such problem before. Our developer team is working on this issue. It looks like a multi-threading bug. We will get back to you shortly.

thanks for that but it isnt very informative

this is obviously a major problem with our solution and i have proved this problem by looking at our log documentation. i was wondering if there is a proper way to close or dispose this object after creation.

do you have nay example source code where this is used.

can you please let me know what the outcome of the consultation is with you dveelopers please !!!


Colin Graham

Hi, Our developer team is still working on this issue. Because the License module has many dependencies, we need more time to locate the root.

Could you please share your code with us? Therefore, we can see how is the component is being used. It could be helpful for our debugging.

Finally, could you please give me your email address, and send me your license file? We will try to provide you a workaround solution if possible.


My email address is

Thanks ,