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Aspose Barcode minum resolution


I could not find any informations about the resolution, required for an optimal barcode recognition (1D). For example, what should be the smallest distance between 2 characters at a resolution of 300 dpi?

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Hi Sven
Thanks for your post!
Sorry that I’m not very clear with your question.
In common scenario, we can use the BarCodeBuilder.Resolution property to make the image to fit the resolution requirement. And about the width of bars, it depends on the specification of the symbology.

Hi All

This is not so much of a reply but a follow up question as I have been having issues in a related area.

I have downloaded the evaluation version of the barcode product and have been trying to get the width of the full barcode to fit a specified width of print out. We are using Code 128 symbology and need to display a 34 digit barcode on a lable that is 74mm wide.

I have tried setting the xDimension to reduce the width and it does seem to work to a point, but when it is reduced beyond a certain value then the barcode width does not reduce any more. I assume that this is because we have reached the limit of the permitted resolution for the symbology.

Also I set the codeTextAlignment to Center and the code text then seemed to stay at the left hand edge of the web control while the barcode itself seemed to be at the right hand side. I have got the autosize set to true. I tried changing the control width but the barcode and the code text still seem to be at different ends of the control. I don't understand this.

Any ideas?


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for your post!

For your issue "34 digits, max width is 74mm", Setting the xDimension to be 0.5 should satisfy your need, the image's width will less than 74mm. And you are right that the spceification restricted the ratio of xDimension to barcode's width, so we can not reduce the xDimension to any value.

And about the TextAlignment, could you please send the page to me so that our developers can do more research? The email address is guangzhou#aspose.com.

Thanks again

I’m sorry for the great delay between these 2 posting.

To be more precise, I need to find an optimal resolution (resp. digital camera) to detect a 27 mm till 40 mm pharmacode (7 digits) on a 40 mm till 250 mm package. The smallest distance between two characters is 0.27 mm.
The question is, which resolution does the camera need to recognize the smallest possible barcode (27 mm) on the largest package (a 250 mm, more probably 300 mm, photo; no specific angle).

What I’m looking for is something like that: "We recommend a maximum of 2 characters/cm at 200 dpi and a maximum of 3
characters/cm at 300 dpi. For example, an 8-digit barcode should have a
width of 4 cm to be read properly at 200dpi."

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