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Aspose Cell Pivot Chart - JAVA

How can we change the axis
field and the sum values of a pivot chart by clicking on the values of the


Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support. I am afraid, I am not clear about your question. Could you please share sample spreadsheets (and images) to elaborate your requirement?

We are creating a pivot chart from a pivot table.

In the pivot table we have many fields.

With aspose we have selected some of them to appear on the pivot chart( axis field and one on sum Values ).

We would like to click on a column on the drawn chart and to change the fields that are used for the chart.


Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for providing the details. What I understand from your recent post is that you are not refreshing the chart after making adjustments to the Pivot Table. I would suggest you to call PivotTable.refreshData & calculateData methods after making changes to the Pivot Fields then call Chart.calculate & refreshPivotData methods to refresh the chart based on the changes in the Pivot Table. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved. In case you still face any difficulty, please share an executable sample application along with the input & output spreadsheets for thorough investigation.

Attaching the video to let you know what we are trying to achieve .

We have the chart and then by clicking on it a new chart is created with other values.
Can we do something similar with aspose on excel pivot chart.

Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for the video. I hope this inquiry is different from your original concerns, and you are able to resolve the problem of Pivot Table/Chart refreshing with the solution as suggested in my previous response.

Regarding the video, could you please clarify if you wish to create a similar chart with Aspose.Cells APIs or you wish to dynamically interact with the chart as shown in the video? Moreover, please provide the spreadsheet containing such chart so I may review its properties and interaction aspects.

We would like to dynamically interact with a pivot chart created with aspose in the excel.

Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for your response. Please also share a spreadsheet containing such chart so we may review it to suggest a solution. In case the Aspose.Cells APIs are not able to achieve your goal, we will surely consider adding the requirement as a feature request, however, we need a sample for both cases. Please also let us know the version of Excel application which allows such interaction. Please note, we were not able to generate (or interact) with the chart as shown in your video while using Excel 2010 & 2013.

HI ,

Attaching the sample excel for you further investigation.

Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for sharing the samples spreadsheet. Upon reviewing the sample, I was not able to achieve the interaction as shown in your provided video. I believe that the video is not using any revision of the Excel application for interaction. Could you please confirm this?

Please note, if you wish to dynamically interact with the Pivot Chart while using Aspose.Cells APIs, you simply need to make adjustments to the source Pivot Table, and refresh it as well as the Pivot Chart. This is because the representation of a Pivot Chart completely depends on the Pivot Fields and their filters. Moreover, Aspose.Cells for Java is a back-end library which provides the ability to create, manipulate or convert spreadsheet without any user interface therefore it cannot help you with any user interaction features. That said, Aspose.Cells for Java also provides web based graphical interface by the name GridWeb which provides the ability to load & manipulate spreadsheets with user interaction in web based Java application, however, it too does not provide the interaction with the Pivot Table or Pivot Charts.

You are correct, the demo video is not created with excel.

We just want to make something similar by creating an excel file with the help of aspose.



Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for the confirmation. Please note, you can create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts with Aspose.Cells APIs, however, the interaction with the chart will be in accordance to Excel’s standards.