Aspose Cells.18.6 conversion to PDF, is occasionally converting cell's orientation to vertical


I am running Aspose Cell, 18.6., on the IBM i (AS400). And I have run into a .XSLX that is converting certain header cells to have a vertical-orientation, rather than the normal horizontal. The odd this is that I can run the same .XSLX file using 8.4 on the same system and it runs and looks fine. (I just updated so that is why I know about the much older version.) Also, to add to the oddity. I can use same .XSLX and 18.6 jar, and have it run and look just fine on another/different IBM i.

I have compared system setups, environments, classpaths. You know.

So, my question is, can anyone think of anything that could/would cause this. Odd JAR, or something.




Thank you for your query.

We need to investigate this issue in detail. Please send us the sample XLSX file, a sample code which can be compiled and executed and snap shots showing problem area. We will try to re-produce issue here on our available machines and share feedback.