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Aspose.cells capabilities

Hi All,

I am looking for a excel like grid control which can be used in a web application (asp.net, asp.net mvc, angular etc) …and below is a list of capabilities which I am looking for in the excel grid Component, want to know if your spreadsheet component offers these … any technical documentation would help …

  1. User experience - This is one of the major requirements, the grid control should offer a rich user experience as number of data that will be entered or displayed will be huge and the grid should not flicker \ sluggish in its performance. The grid should be more excel like.

  2. Copy & Paste Feature - The grid should offer capability to copy data from excel on to the grid, users would have to make lot of data entry in the grid to avoid that they will work on excel , format the data and then they will copy it over to the grid. The data can be copy pasted for the whole grid \ column wise \ row wise

  3. Rich Javascript API - Should offer a rich JavaScript API using which client side programming can be done.

  4. Display of controls on the grid - Grid should support displaying different type of controls like List box, drop-down, radio buttons, text box, date-time control etc…

  5. VLookup - VLookup capability as in excel

  6. Excel Engine for server side excel automation - Product should also offer an excel engine using which excel calculations can be executed and results obtained, data will be fed into the excel files programmatically and the calculation will be triggered programmatically.


Thanks for your query.

Well, I think you may use our Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control - A grid control that is specifically designed to work on web environments or in Asp.NET projects. It is an independent control where you may load Excel files into its grid matrix, create/design worksheets and update/ manipulate the data into the cells in WYSIWYG (visual) manner. It supports all the main features MS Excel if not everything though. It also supports to read/write and calculate formulas dynamically too. It can load and save/re-save the files to Excel files on the fly, everything in your browser type.

Please see the documents / articles for your reference:

Also, download the VS.NET featured demos “Examples.GridWeb” @ Github repos:

For your requirements,

  1. Supported. The performance would be also Ok for huge files.
  2. Supported. You can copy/paste data from Excel to GridWeb matrix.
  3. Supported, see the documents in the section:
    Also, browse relevant demos in the Github examples.
  4. Aspose.Cells.GridWeb supports data validations, so you may try it for adding controls like list, dropdown, etc. See the document for your reference:
    Also, browse “common/DataValidation.aspx” demo in the examples.
  5. Supported.
  6. Supported. See the document for your reference:

Hope, this helps a bit.

  1. Does this support asp.net MVC or Singlae Page Web Applications ?

  2. Had a look at the links you had provided the control looks more like a excel sheet like rather a web grid control, are there any properties that are available using which I change look & feel to be grid like ?


  1. Yes, Aspose.Cells.GridWeb can work with Asp.NET MVC.
  2. Well, you may use its relevant attributes/properties to change the look and feel accordingly. Also, you may try using preset styles, see the document for your reference: