Aspose Cells .NET Gridview



We will try to fix your issue soon. Generally, it takes 5-7 days to fix an issue if it is not complex. Complex issues might take some weeks or months to be sorted out. We are analyzing the issue and hopefully it will fixed soon.

We will keep you updated on the status of the issue.


We have investigated that all the ajax post request will not get correct response, just get “301 Moved Permanently”

if you remove the code below in global.asax

Sub Application_Start(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
End Sub

the ajax call works, so just try to keep the ajax call which can work normal for gridweb server.



I have tried removing that code and that does not allow the project to run for me. I receive a 404 error

image.png (16.6 KB)

Also @Amjad_Sahi may you provide me your sample project that you sent a video of that did work as expected?


Please send it as soon as you can if I can have something working I can stick with the tool for this project and hopefully get granted licensing. Again thank you for the help you have already provided.



Please download the sample project which I used while capturing demo (I shared earlier). It works fine on my end and formulas are calculated upon changing the values in the source cells as per the demo video. Basically it is the same Github repos. Aspose.Cells for .NET Examples project, I just copied your template file to the source folder and updated the code segment in “ImportExportFile.aspx.cs” to accommodate your code segment a bit.

Please open the solution file “Aspose.Cells.GridWeb.Examples.CSharp.sln” in VS.NET from “gridexamples\Aspose.Cells-for-.NET-master\Examples_GridWeb” folder and run it ("\GridWebBasics\ImportExportFile.aspx").

Let us know your feedback.

Also, regarding

We will check and may provide you the fixed project soon.



I decided to continue with the c sharp version that you have provided and show in the demo. I was able to get it to work in my environment. I have ran into an issue with a certain functionality data validation Dependent drop down list seem to not function correctly. When one option is selected in one list it dictates what options are used for the next dropdown.

I have attached the code which I’m using the same you provided and my excel sheet. You will see the dropdown example with fruits and vegetables.
Aspose (11.8 KB)