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Aspose.cells on hosted web site asking for network password


I have a web page that uses Aspose.Cells to launch excel in a separate browser window. It uses a designer file. I built it on my development machine, where it works great. I transferred it to the production server, which is hosted by a third party. Now when I launch the Aspose OpenInBrowser page, it acts normally up to the point where it says "Transferring File", which gets interrupted by a dialog titled "Enter Network Password" that says "Please enter your authentication information." and asks for a user name and password. I think this has to do with using the designer file, because I tested some simpler examples earlier that worked fine and did not use a designer file. I am opening the designer file using the following statement:

designer1.Excel.Open(Server.MapPath(".") + "/TimesheetTemplate.xls")

Perhaps it is this statement that is causing the problem. but I do not know an alternative.

Thank you for your assistance. I am getting close to making a purchase.

This problem is not caused by Aspose.Cells. Please check the security setting on your IE and web server. Do you use https?

designer1.Excel.Open(Server.MapPath(".") + "/TimesheetTemplate.xls")

This line of code just open a local file. If your program cannot access the template file, exception will be thrown. So it doesn't matter with your problem.