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Aspose.cells sub grouping

Hi Team,

i am using latest aspose.cells licensed version and having one issue.
i have attached my template and looking to get ExpectedOutput2.xls but getting Actual Output.xlsx.
Difference between these two is that i want one row from 1st data table and then its related data as sub report and then 2nd row 1st data table and so on.
please let me know how we can achinve this ?


Thanks for the files.

Well, I am afraid, it might not be built any valid logic for Smart Markers for your custom oriented needs. Moreover, we do have Smart Markers’ grouping data feature but it might not suit your needs properly I think (see the Grouping Data sub-topic in the document: So you have to manually build the table/report accordingly, i.e…, main record, corresponding or relational sub records etc. You have to insert rows manually and then copy/insert your desired corresponding records/data/rows at proper places. There is no such feature available in MS Excel either, if you know any such feature in MS Excel, let us know and we can check it out soon.

Moreover, you may try to use Grouping feature if it can help you a bit:

Thanks for your understanding!