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Aspose.Cells v4.2.0.0


I am developing a windows service that will write out data extracts in excel format. I had it working using v4.9.0.0 of the Aspose.Cells.dll (I believe), however, I just realized that our license is only good for products through May 4, 2007. I think this would put the newest relative version at v4.2.0.0, but I am not able to find a download for that specific dll.

I am wondering if you would be able to direct me toward that version of the product? We would like to write out excel documents using excel 2007 format (xlsx), but our current dll only supports excel 2003 (v.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get that version (or any version that is able to write out in xlsx.

Thank you,


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

Your version is quite older. It is our company policy not to provide fixes which are older than 1 year.

So, I am afraid, you cannot get any newer fixes unless you upgrade your license subscription.

We also recommend you to upgrade your application to latest version because all bug fixes are based on latest versions only.

Once, you will renew your License Subscription, you will be entitled to get latest fix which is currently v7.3.3 and you will be able to get free upgrades for one more year.

For more questions relating to License Subscription, please post your query on Aspose.Purchase forum. Aspose.Purchase team will help you asap.


Well, I am afraid, you cannot download any version which is older than one year from Aspose's Download module, it is our policy and we have to follow after all. But, if you already have any older version with you, you may keep using it. We can only recommend you to kindly upgrade to latest versions of the product which is v7.3.3. In the latest versions of the product we have made tremendous enhancements and we support almost all the features of MS Excel 97 - 2010. We also now support all the file formats e.g XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB etc. with enhancements.

If you need to upgrade your subscription, please do contact Aspose.Purchase forum.

Thank you.