Why not create DotNet controls as those we can see with syncfusion.
Your code is brilliant, much more than syncfusion. I tested the beta ExcelRw, youe Aspose.Excel, is far far far more advanced.

Please code DotNet Controls, i am sure, they will be very famous.



Thanks for your consideration.

I appreciate you love Aspose.Excel. Actually, Aspose.Excel is continuously evolving in terms of customer requests so it should beat any potential competitors further. So please feel free to request new features then you should be always satisfied.

Now come to Aspose.Control.

We will provide an All license that enables you to use any Aspose available products just with one license file both for Windows and Web platform, both for development and deployment. Is that what you need?

If not, you may need some products from Syncfusion. As it has a wide product line so would you please point out which one(s) do you want to see in Aspose product line? Our slogan is The .Net Component Publisher, partially meaning Aspose always provides the richest choices of .Net components in the world. So definitely we will make any more components that are welcomed by the market. Just request new products please, the more detailed, the better.



i talked about User Control as DockPadding Main menu and so on…

I am sure this controls would be the best



Hi chezlui,

I understand that you would like Aspose components to look like controls that you see in the toolbox and you can drag them into your form to use them.

But we are struggling to find a reason for this.

Controls are normally placed in the toolbox either because they are visual or besause they have a lot of properties that can be configured at design time.

Aspose components are not visual and there does not seem to be much you can do with them at design time. Mostly, our components are runtime components and that you call their methods from your code.

Think of Aspose components more like about those all hundreds of classes in .Net framework that are very important and we all use them often, but they still don’t appear on the toolbox because it will make no sense.

Please give at least one example why would you want, say Aspose.Excel to be available in the toolbox, where would you drag it to and what would you like to be able to do with it at runtime?

There is another stream of requests from customers who want Aspose to produce viewer or printer controls that will allow to open Excel, Outlook, Word etc document inside a form to view or print it. These controls certainly will make it to the toolbox because they are visual. We at Aspose consider building tese components, but there is no definite plan whether we build them or not in the near future.


Hi kd,

Thanks for your review.

We are aware that grids are top selling components and maybe its one of the reasons Aspose has not done a grid yet because it would be extremely difficult to compete with rich existing grid controls.

Do you have a grid of your choice? What if we said it was possible to use Aspose.Excel to render into that particular grid control?

With Aspose.Word, what sort of viewer can you think of? Will it be enough if Aspose.Word was able to output HTML format which can be loaded into Internet Explorer control embedded into your application?


Dear chezlui,

We have provided a product suite called Aspose.Component.

Is it what you want? Please post your comments here.