Aspose.Email 19.2 version not working with TLS1.2


Hi Support,

Aspose.Email fixed TLS1.2 problem in 18.2 version(EMAILNET-38901). Below are the release notes:

But in the Aspose.Email 19.2 version, its not working.

We have already upgraded our software with Aspose.Email version 19.2 and TLS1.2 support is not working.

Please let me know when you will merge TLS1.2 fix in latest version. We want this ASAP.



I have observed your inquiry and suggest you to please visit the following thread link for your kind reference as it contain similar discussion as shared by you.


Hi Mudassir,

If I use Aspose.Email 18.2, same code is working fine, but not with 19.2 version. So my question is, changed did in 18.2 for TLS1.2 has been merged or not?



Can you please confirm if you are explicitly setting TLS setting in your code as per my suggestion in previous reply? In latest available versions, actually Tls12 is not setup by default. So, if you need Tls12 you have to set it like in following code snippet:

client.SupportedEncryption = EncryptionProtocols.Tls12;

If you are setting it explicitly and still it is failing then please share the sample example project reproducing the issue so that we may use that to help you further.


Hi Mudassir,

Thanks for reply.

It works fine now by adding below line of code:

client.SupportedEncryption = EncryptionProtocols.Tls12 | EncryptionProtocols.Tls11 | EncryptionProtocols.Tls;



Its good to hear that suggestion worked on your end. Please feel free to share if you have any further issue on your end.