Aspose.Email.EmailValidator To validate Email Address


I’m using the code provided but when I put in an email address that is not valid like <a target="_blank" title=“mailtoBig Smilesadsadsa@dahjiiunni@com” href=“mailtoBig Smilesadsadsa@dahjiiunni@com”>dsadsadsa@dahjiiunni@com it says its valid.

I know the syntax is good. But I want to know if it is a real email address that will accept a message.


Dear hankddog,

Thanks for your post.

We reproduced the problem and fixed in the hotfix 1.4.2.

Thanks very much.



I downloaded the new dll and now it is not working with my code


I’m getting a emaivalidator namespace does not exist. most of the namespaces are a jumble of numbers and letters now.


Dear hankddog,

Sorry, it seems we uploaded a wrong dll. The problem fixed already. Please get the new one.



OK I have the new dll. Now I tried it and it says that every email is invalid. I tried my hotmail account, which is valid, and it says its not valid. i tried other email accounts that I know are valid and it says it’s not. Here is my code.

bool bEmail = false;

//create an instance of emailvalidator

Aspose.Email.EmailValidator ev = new Aspose.Email.EmailValidator();

Aspose.Email.ValidationResult vr;

//validate the mail address, and get the validation result

ev.Validate(strEmail, out vr);

if (vr.ReturnCode == Aspose.Email.ValidationResponseCode.ValidationSuccess)


bEmail = true;



Dear hankddog,

Thanks for your post.

After careful debugging, we found the root of the problem is that the obfucator does something wrong. It always throws domain error validing exception, even for a valid domain name.

Sorry for our inadvertence, and Thanks for your patience. Feel free to let me know if any problems.

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