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Aspose.Email Replaced by Aspose.Network 2.0

Dear Customers,

We released a more comprehensive and more powerful framework for .Net network programming, -- Aspose.Network 2.0.

The old Aspose.Email is replaced by the Aspose.Network 2.0 , which contains not only full featured email components, but also includes most major network protocols such as Dns, Icmp, Pop3, etc.

The email component in Aspose.Network 2.0 is developed based on Aspose.Email. However, the email component in Aspose.Network is not compatible with the Aspose.Email, for the purpose to increase the flexibilty, reliability and reduce the confusing.
Therefore, if you are already working with the Aspose.Email, it is a good idea to KEEP YOUR CODE.

And we will provide Aspose.Email techincal supports whenever you request.

However, if you are new to demonstrate the email component, Please get the Aspose.Network to begin you works.