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Aspose.Excel and Aspose.PDF

How easy is it to print and aspose.excel document that I have created to pdf with the aspose.pdf.

Does aspose.pdf use 1.1 framework?


Dear Scott,

Thanks for your consideration.

Adding Aspose.Excel document to Aspose.Pdf is not supported currently.

Do you mean the version of .NET framework? Aspose.Pdf.dll is built with .Net 1.0.375.

Dear Scott,

Currently you can create Pdf documents with Aspose.Pdf from the data source used by Aspose.Excel. Sorry you can’t convert the spreadsheets created with Aspose.Excel directly to Pdf documents with Aspose.Pdf.

Howerver, we’re planning to create a new product, Aspose.Report, for your purpose. More info please check Aspose.Report.

You’re encouraged to post at this thread for your further feature requests.

Thanks for your cooperation.