Aspose.excel and matlab


This is more of a matlab question than an Aspose question: can I easily load up the Aspose.Excel.dll into matlab? It’s not registered (by default) as a COM object, so matlab doesn’t just magically find it.



I am not familiar about matlab. When you installed Aspose.Excel, it's register for COM. If not, please check .


Thanks for the installer pointer. I have made some progress but haven’t solved my problem.

Matlab is a math tool (as you could probably guess). It has a simple syntax for creating a COM object:

excel = aspxcreate(‘Aspose.Excel.Excel’)

which appears to work; it creates an object of that type. The odd thing is that when you ask it to list its methods, it has some stock COM methods (‘get’, ‘interfaces’, etc.) but not Aspose-specific calls like Open.

I have created other C# classes and COM-motized them successfully, and they ‘just work’ in Matlab. So
something is missing. I realize this is as much a Matlab question as an Aspose question, but this forum seems like a reasonable place to start. :slight_smile:


I am not familiar with matlab.

I think you can write a C# wrapper class to call Aspose.Excel. And you can expost very simple method in that class. Then in matlab you can call your wrapper class's simple method.