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Aspose.Excel and russian filenames

Received : 2007/10/02 23:54:14
Message : Hi, i would like to ask you about using the Aspose.Excel component and russian filenames.
When i try to save an excel object to disk with russian filename everything goes ok, but when i try to save it in Excel (by using a SaveType parameter) the russian characters doesn't work!
What can i do to solve this problem?

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Are you using older Aspose.Excel? Could you try the latest Aspose.Cells (Aspose.Excel has been renamed to become Aspose.Cells now) and check if it works fine.

Some APIs are renamed in the latest Aspose.Cells, you should consider them.

1). Excel class -> Workbook class

2). ExcelDesigner class -> WorkbookDesigner

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your answer! Unfortunately I couldn’t try Aspose.Cells component, because our company have not bought it yet. That’s why I search how to make it with Aspose.Excel

If you send the file to client browser, Russion characters will fail. This is a limitation of Internet protocol. Please check .