Aspose.Excel and WebService


Can the Aspose.Excel component be used in a web service, and called by a client web page?
If so give me an example showing it.



Hi Cherian,

Aspose.Excel is a pure dotnet component. It can meet your requirements. I will make a sample and send it to you. But I cannot see your email address in our support forum. Could you send me an email for this issue?


Can you send this to me as well?



Hi Jimbo,

What kinds of sample do you need? You can try and download the evaluation copy of Aspose.Excel at It already includes demos and sample code for web applications.


We purchased Aspose yesterday. I was wondering if it was possible to send an excel file from an ASP web service. I understand how to do it through a web application. I want the the web service to upload the file to the client’s web browser.


For using Aspose.Excel in an ASP page, please check It also works for Aspose.Excel.