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Aspose.Excel Questions

  1. What versions of Excel does Aspose.Excel support?
    2. Can it Save() or Open() an Excel95 file?
    3. Can it copy Ranges?
    4. Will PDF export be supported in future versions of Aspose.Excel?

    Thank you,

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your consideration.

Aspose.Excel is designed to support Excel95, Excel97,Excel2000 and Excel XP. You can refer to here.

After Aspose.Excel released to customers, many new features were added per users’ request. Now it also supports Excel2003.

But since Excel95 has some major differences with later Excel versions and few users are using Excel95, these advanced features are not kept in Excel95 support.

If you need Excel95 format support, please tell me your expected feature list. I can make a plan to add these feature support ASAP.

Now Aspose.Excel can copy a singe sheet or a singe cell. You can use you own code to copy a range of cells. If you really need a single API, please let me know.

About the PDF export feature, we are planning to support it. You can get it in the future version definitely.

Thank you very much Laurence. I have another question: Can Aspose.Excel be used in COM through a COM Callable Wrapper?

Thanks again,

Dear Dusty,

I designed Aspose.Excel as COM visible so it can be used in COM. But I have not tested it in COM environment.

We supply pure .net components and encourage users use them in pure .net environment.