Aspose.Excel.Web questions



I work for Hilton Hotels Corp., and we are wanting to try to use the Aspose.Excel.Web product in one of our extranet applications.

However, I have a couple concerns/questions…

I realize you are working on adding formula support to the control. I am assuming this is a major undertaking and am wondering about the timeline here. I saw in an early post you were expecting it in June…

Would would work for me, is the ability to add attributes on a cell by cell basis similar to the way you can on any control in .net, so that I could specify my own client side JavaScript events, such as an OnBlur so that I could recalculate the columns.

I haven’t looked yet, but the individual cells would need to be exposed as objects on the client so we could update the contents of Cell X based on changes to Cell Y.

This would also give us the ability to provide client side formatting when the user leaves the cell, so we could format say currency values the way they are supposed to look.

Many products implement client side event properties for their controls so that the end developer can extend the functionality. Either the ability to add my own attributes to each cell, or a control provided property I would make this product useful for my project.

Also, how do you turn on grid lines without having to set the style property of every cell?

Tim Trahan
Technical Lead
Operations Audit Team
Hilton Hotels Corp.


The new version that support formula is being tested and will be released within one week.
This control doesn't support client side property/event for the present. We will add this feature at future release.
There isn't a simple way to turn on the borders of all the cells. You have to use a loop to set the border properties of all the cells one by one.
Thank you for so much concern for our product.


Hi Tim,

We released Aspose.Excel.Web v1.4 which includes the formula support. Please download and try it at An online live demo can be accessed at