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Aspose.Execl.Web Corrupted Intellisense 1.4

This new version of this control, starting with 1.3.3 seems to have some kind of problem. For instance, when intellisense comes up on the WebWorksheet.SetReadonlyRange method, it shows the square special symbol in place of the parameter name. It also messes up intellisense on the Imports intellisense popup, it adds about 15 lines of garbage options.

If I remove the referense to Aspose.Web.Excel, this garbage goes away.

This is a HUGE concern for me. I can’t release this control in my project if it has potential for having large scale problems like this.

This is caused by the obfuscator. We obfuscated Aspose.Excel.Web.dll and it works fine in C#. Now we changed the obfucator settings and rebuild the dll. Please re-download v1.4 and have a try.

Those special symbol are obfuscated internal classes.

That fixed it, works fine.

Thanks for the quick response.

Tim Trahan
Technical Lead
Operations Audit Team
Hilton Hotels Corp.