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Aspose for document printing

We have a enterprise software for healthcare. We propose to use XML to print documents. We have looked at Aspose Word and found it a good starting point. However, the full scope that we are looking for is as follows:

Our system will output XML data for printing documents say, invoice. Using an end-user defined Word template, the XML data should be merged into the template and print the document seamlessly. It should not show the document on the screen. The XML data will be passed as a string and other than reading the template, there should not be any disk I/O.

Could you give me a solution around Aspose.Word for the above problem?

You should be able to feed XML data into Aspose.Word to merge into document already if you can load your data into a DataTable or a DataSet. This is usually no problem.

Aspose.Word cannot print yet but we are certainly heading that way. I cannot give a firm timeframe, but it is likely to be available within 2-3 months.