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Aspose Grid Change the Cell Back Color for the updatable Cell after save

Hi All,

Now i have a task that want to do that is want to change the back color for the cell that already change the value after the Save command event have call. Is it posible?

I have do using the Celldouble click event then only change the cell back color using the cell index that i double click the cell.

So i want to ask how to get all the cell index that have being change value and change the back color after save command have call.

If anyone have this solution can help to solve it. Please. Thanks.


We think this is a useful feature, so we add a new property GridWeb.ModifiedCells. It's an ArrayList object contains all the modified cells since last postback.

You may use it to set the back color like this:

private void GridWeb1_SaveCommand(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
foreach (WebCell cell in GridWeb1.ModifiedCells)
cell.Style.BackColor = Color.Red;

The attachment is the new version

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