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Aspose.Grid changes data types on ImportDataView


Can someone please explain to me why the following happens? I am creating a dataset returning information from the database, the columns I return to the dataset are all formatted according to how I require them to return in Excel. i.e int, float, datetime etc

As soon as I use the following method

GridWeb1.WebWorksheets.ImportDataView..... my data types are lost. All my data is returned to Excel with my numbers stored as text when I export the data to Excel.... (I want to convert the text to numbers without looping)....

Please help?



Currently, when import from a dataview, all row fields will be converted to strings. We have discussed this issue and we will fix this problem in the next version. This will take us one week.

Thank you very much for reporting this problem.


We have resolved your problem and post a hotfix. Please see:


I downloaded the hotfix from 26.5.2006 and from 30.5.2006 but still have the problem of datatypes being lost after importing the dataview.

Once exported to Excel I can change the datatype in Excel which I couldn’t with the old dll. However, I would like to set the datatype directly in the code. Can someone help me?


Hi Muriel,

I have sent the hotfix to you via email. Please check it.

Thank you.

It works.