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Aspose.Grid paste function

Am I missing something here? The grid's paste function forces the user to select the correct cell range to paste the data to before it will post everything in the clipboard?

A little background, we use the grid to allow our end users at our hotels to basically upload some spreadsheet data to us. Since the functionality was developed before the grid had paste capability, I allow them to paste into a text box and then fill out the grid with the data.

This would be MUCH smoother if I could allow them to copy the cells they need from excel and paste straight into the grid, but it is forcing me to select a range of cells matching the size of the clipboard, rather than just starting at the topleft most cell and pasting outward.

Is there a way around this?

Tim Trahan
Lead Developer
Operations Audit Team
Hilton Hotels Corp.

Hi Tim,

We are working around this feature these days. We will give an improved pasting feature in the next release. And it will take us about 2 weeks.

Thank you.