Aspose.Grid SavetoExcelFile


I have a template file that I use to create a webpage with
Aspose.Excel. In the template I have hidden the Rows and Columns
Headers and hidden the gridlines.

When the report displays it looks great. When I use the
SaveCommand event and save the file to an Excel File the hidden Rows
and Columns Headers and the gridlines appear in the saved file.
Is there a way to suppress them programatically?


Rick Schoenborn

MEDai, Inc.

Orlando, FL



I create an Excel file with ms Excel, and set some columns and rows to be hidden. Then I save the file to another file in the SaveCommand event. That works fine.

Could you please post your source file here to let us locate the problems?

Thank you.


I'm not talking about SOME columns and rows. I'm talking about the Row & Column Headers and Gridlines properties in the Window Options section of the View tab in Excel. Go to Tools - Options - View - Window Options.

I'm not sure how to post the file. I don't see an option on the reply page to attach a file.



To attach a file, please click "Options" tab when replying. Then click "Add/Update" link.

Please check this attached screenshot.


OK, I have attached the file here. If you open it you can see that the Row & Column Headers and Gridlines are hidden. When you save it they reappear.



Hi Rick,

We have located the problem. We will soon post a fixed dll here. Please wait for that. Thank you.



Please try the attachment



Thanks, Henry.

By the way, my evaluation is over. We are processing a PO and you should have it shortly. Another great solution.