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Aspose.Grid updateData() no longer working at my Customer's site

I am the developer of a large .Net Web application that uses the Aspose Grid spreadsheet control on numerous pages. I develop it on a VISTA machine and it is run at my Customer's location. I have been making changes to this system and sending updates for about five years now. Yesterday, the build I sent stopped working correctly at the customer's location but still works fine on my machine.

Specifically, the control's updateData() method does not appear to be working. The following line in my Page_Load method executes on my end but it seems like it is not executing on their end:

cmdSave.Attributes["onclick"] = "dgDetail.updateData(); return dgDetail.validateAll();";

The symptom: Their users type information into the control and click the cmdSave button and the content of the spreadsheet reverts back to original data. I populate the spreadsheet from a dataset, and the above updateData() updates the dataset from the spreadsheet before I save the dataset back to SQL.

But this isn't happening at their site - and it WAS working just fine. What would cause this to happen?

Thank you for your time and attention.


I have tested your line of code with the attached latest version v2.0.3.2012 and it works fine:
cmdSave.Attributes[“onclick”] = “dgDetail.updateData(); return

It looks very strange to us, if a version with a code segment works fine on your machine it should equally work fine on other machine. And above as you shared with us it was working fine there before too.

By the way, which version you are using on your and client’s environment?

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

We may be using a version that is out of date - we have not had any signiifcant issues in years of using the control. The version I have is 2.2.

My customer and I have compared the files in the bin directories and they are identical. When I update them, I provide the entire root directory and all subdirectories. They own the source.

The line of code I sent you is executed in the Page Load method surrounded by a 'if (!IsPostBack)' statement. Otherwise there is no other code that would prevent it from executing.

I am pleased to say that after I applied the update you sent me, the problem went away at my customer's site.

For future reference:

We were both running an application using the Aspose.Grid.Web spreadsheet control Version 2.2. My Vista (Ultimate) machine ran fine. My Customer's XP Professional server environment did not work.

I applied the update and changed 1,593 lines of code to use Aspose.Cells.GridWeb instead of Aspose.Grid.Web, compiled the application and sent an update to my customer, who applied it on his end - and all their problems went away.

I don't quite understand it, but there it is.

Thank you very much for your assistance.