Aspose.Grid.Web Version

Hi all,

The attachment is the new version


1. Greatly improved databinding performance.

2. New method: WebCells.InsertRows, improved performance of inserting multiple lines to the sheet.


1. Fixed a formula problem in multi-user envrionment.


1. When GridWeb.ForceValidation is set to false, the grid does not validate input before postback.

2. New property GridWeb.SessionMode, the old GridWeb.EnableSession is obsoleted.

New features:

1. Added a client side method: getSelectedCells

Hi, we at Delsis are very happy with this new version!!!! Congratulations!!!

You have solved all the big needs that delayed our project! Now it is ready for the testing phase.

Well, let me point some things:

* Really, the performance gain when not validating data during postback is very huge! Fantastic!

But I noticed one thing: My application uses a asp:button for insert multiple rows and a text box to user enter the number of rows to insert.
This button triggers the btn_Insert_click server-side function. But, when I click it, it takes too long to show the "Loading, please wait" and finish the postback. The behavior is the same when I was using the previous Aspose.Grid.Web version, with the validation during postback.
There is a way to solve this? The code for this button is as follow:

<asp:Button ID="ButtonInsert" runat="server" OnClick="btn_Insert_Click" Text="Insert" Width="60px" />

* The InsertRows is very great also!!!

There is a way to directly copy all the validation data ( from a row to another, instead of doing a loop? My function to copy all the validation data is as follow:

while (num_lines > counter)
for (col = 0; col <= columns; col++)
cells[line, col].NumberType = NumberType.Text;
cells[line, col].Validation = cells[origin, col].Validation;

* The getSelectedCells will be tested later, then I post my impressions about it.

Well, that's all for now!!! Congratulations!


* asp button slow down postback

A: Asp buttons need some initialization code to work with the GridWeb. Generally it will looks like:

Button1.Attributes["onclick"] = "GridWeb1.updateData(); if (GridWeb1.validateAll()) return true; else return false;";

Please check you code file to find out this code, if you want to skip Validating when clicking this button, please modify the code:

Button1.Attributes["onclick"] = "GridWeb1.updateData(); ";

And be sure the GridWeb.ForceValid=false;

* There is a way to directly copy all the validation data?

A: Currently not.

Thanks, worked very well! Congratulations!