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Aspose GridWeb is not workingfor large excel File


I am using aspose gridweb to display excel data in web browser from filepath.
I am using paging for it.
Its not working for large file(Huge File around 125 MB).

Is there any way to load it faster from file system.

Here is my code

Waiting for your response.



Well, your file is huge one, so it will surely need lots of memory and the process will take long time, the CPU usage would be high to load the file into GridWeb. Please make sure that you have sufficient amount of RAM for this bigger process, you should have 64-bit machine to get better results too. Moreover, if such a file is opened into MS Excel, I think it will also take time. It is better you should split the file into smaller files of certain sizes if possible, then you may try loading individual files into GridWeb to check if it works fine for your needs.

Thank you.