Aspose.iCalendar Preview



We are glad to announce our new product Aspose.iCalendar. We plan to release the first version sometime in September.

Aspose.iCalendar 1.0 supports all date and time recurrence patterns specified in the iCalendar standard (RFC2445). It generates occurrences for a pattern specified using DTSTART, RRULE, RDATE, EXRULE and EXDATE elements.

Further versions of Aspose.iCalendar might include other iCalendar features to create a complete calendaring object model.

Feel free to post feature requests please.



How much longer do you think its going to take for the initial release?

- mark


Hi Roman,

Any update on the release of icalendar?


Sorry we didn’t make it in September, but we are very close. I don’t want to put another date on it, it will be out asap.



Aspose.iCalendar 1.0 is out, we are still working on documentation and polishing demo projects, but it’s all working nicely and available.