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Aspose Java Word - Docx with Section Break lost the Content Control


I am using java aspose word (aspose-words-15.6.0-jdk16.jar) to convert the docx file to WordML. But if there are Section Breaks, Content Controls are getting lost.


Document doc = new Document(“doc_without_SB.docx”);“doc_without_SB.xml”, SaveFormat.FLAT_OPC);

Herewith attaching 2 sample docx files.

doc_without_SB.docx -> It works fine as it does not have Section Break so all the Content Controls appear fine in WordML

doc_with_SB.docx -> Content Controls are getting lost.

Could you please review this and let me know if there is a way to get the data without losing Content Controls irrespective of Section Break existence.



Hi Sarfaraz,

We are sorry to share that this is a known limitation and we will not support this feature as it is not compatible with Aspose.Words' document model.

Best Regards,