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Aspose libraries rendering slides incorrectly

We have found that Aspose libraries renders many slide previews incorrectly (it changes positions and dimensions for textboxes, images, etc.) as you can see in the attached photo.

How can we fix this behavior or how can we use your API properly to render previews as the original slides in terms of positioning and dimensions?

Aspose slides.jpg (138.7 KB)


Can you please ensure that fonts used in your presentation are available on machine where you are performing rendering. Can you please try using latest Aspose.Slides 20.11 on your end and share the feedback in the form of source presentation, generated output and working sample code reproducing the issue on your end.

Hello! As requested, we have attached:

  • à Contains a sample of code based on what we are using in our internal process. This code reproduces the issue related to the support ticket
    • The Aspose technician should configure these appSettings (app.config):

à Place the source pptx into this folder before running the program

à Check the generated thumbnails from this source once the program has run

  • Zip password: 12345678@

  • The code is inside a Visual Studio 2017 solution so it could be easily compiled and run as many times as the technician needs it

  • TestWithTextOverrun.pptx à Sample slide. Copy it into “sourcePath”

  • TestWithTextOverrun.pptx.slide.1.png à Generate slide using Aspose libraries in our process. It shows the issue clearly

  • The resulting images should resemble the content of the source pptx (5.2 KB)
TestWithTextOverrun.pptx.slide.1.png (48.6 KB)
TestWithTextOverrun.pdf (98.0 KB)


I have opened a ticket with ID SLIDESNET-42329 after observing the information share by you. I have associated this thread with issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

Hello Support! May we have an update on this ticket please? Will you reachout via email?


Can you please verify the following zip file. It seems to be corrupted and not getting opened. Can you please share the zip file again along with source presentation.

Hello Support, resending the zip (5.2 KB)


I am still getting error on extracting the zip file. Please ensure it is properly zipped.

image.png (50.6 KB)

Uploading again! (4.9 KB)


Thank you for sharing the sample project. However, as requested earlier the source presentation is still missing. Can you please provide that too.

I uploaded this as a pdf already, but here is it again.TestWithTextOverrun.pdf (98.0 KB)


Thank you for sharing the PDF. But I have requested for Source Presentation.

Attached! (656.9 KB)


Thank you for sharing the information. I have linked that in our issue tracking system and will share feedback with you as soon as the issue will be addressed.