Aspose License Exception



I just received notification from you that my purchase was finalized and that I could download my official Aspose.PowerPoint license file. I installed the license file but it outputs this error message:

com.aspose.powerpoint.AsposeLicenseException: The license is invalid.

To test this, I wrote a very simple java application that I have attached. When I run this, it outputs this error message. Notice that it is different.

com.aspose.powerpoint.AsposeLicenseException: The license is not valid for this product.

To run the simple test program, copy the license file into the directory where the class file is and name it "Aspose.PowerPoint.lic".

What do these license errors mean?

I have downloaded the most recent version of Aspose.PowerPoint for Java, which is

If you would like to see my license file, please email me and I'll send it to you.

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer


For everyone else's information...

When we purchased Aspose.PowerPoint, we hit the wrong link on the order page and accidently ordered the .NET version instead of the intended Java version.

The license file had

while it should have read
Aspose.PowerPoint for Java

So the error message "The license is not valid for this product." means "You have not purchased this product."

The other error message ("The license is invalid.") was fixed when I download the most recent version of the Aspose.PowerPoint for Java jar file. In my case that was

Thank you,
Randy Stegbauer