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Aspose .NET API for visio info extraction

I have done that already but this is not giving any information for Text Annotation connection . Both 401 and 432 are both tasks. but we cannot find text annotation. Is there a way we can find that


We are investigating the scenario as per your feedback and will share our findings soon.

Thanks, Any early response will be highly appreciated… This is the only piece which remaining.



We will surely let you know as soon as the logged ticket is resolved. Please spare us little time.

Hi Asad.

Do we have any update on this. ?


The ticket is still under investigation. We will surely inform you soon.


There is only one pair of connect in the page of source file which is between shape 432 and shape 401.
We are sorry that we could not get the connected shapes for shape 517.

<Connect FromSheet='457' FromCell='EndX' FromPart='12' ToSheet='432' ToCell='PinX' ToPart='3'/>
<Connect FromSheet='457' FromCell='BeginX' FromPart='9' ToSheet='401' ToCell='PinX' ToPart='3'/>

Please get relationships using this sample code:

Shape shape = diagram.Pages[0].Shapes.GetShape(517);
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Thanks Team. I can work with this as a work around, Thank you for trying and providing the solution.

Now on the other part, the last piece , did we get any solution for the group box
In the attached vsdx, we have to tasks 6 and 8 under a groupbox.
However, I am not able to establish any connection between the group box and the shapes inside it.
Sample BPMN drawing.zip (202.2 KB)

Thanks a lot in advance


Please use following code snippet:

Shape shape = diagram.Pages[0].Shapes.GetShape(548);
long[] In_connectedShapeIds = shape.ConnectedShapes(ConnectedShapesFlags.ConnectedShapesIncomingNodes, null);
long[] Out_connectedShapeIds = shape.ConnectedShapes(ConnectedShapesFlags.ConnectedShapesOutgoingNodes, null);
Console.WriteLine("Shape ID: " + shape.ID + "\t Name: " + shape.Name + "\t\t Incoming nodes count: " + In_connectedShapeIds.Length + "\t\t Outgoing nodes count: " + Out_connectedShapeIds.Length);

There are two incoming nodes and two outgoing nodes. Also, you can get its child for shape 548.
There is no information about the connection of the childs in the source file.

@asad Thanks for the prompt reply . Sorry if question was not clear. What I want to know how can I get which shapes are there inside the Group Box in the given example.
You mentioned in you comment that I can get the childs. How can I get which are the items insde the group box.
Thanks in advance.


You can get childs using same code snippet if they are connected. However, in your provided source file, we cannot find any connection between the childs. You may try same code snippet with another source file having connections among child shapes.