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Aspose.Network 5.4.0 Mail.Message.Load() Exception on W2K8 64 bit OS

Using Aspose.Network library version 5.4.0 on a W2K8 64 bit OS, a call to Mail.Message.Load() results in an exception when attempting to load a .msg file.

This problem does not occur using library version 5.4.0 on a 32 bit OS.

In addtion, this problem does not occur with Aspose.Network library version 5.3.1 on a W2K8 64 bit OS host.

To help illustrate the problem, please find attached:

  • codesnippet.txt - Sample Nunit code that produces the exception on 5.4.0
  • Message.zip - Archive which contains a sample .msg file
  • exception.txt - Exception information.

Appreciate any 64 bit workaround Aspose can provide.



My apologies, there is an error in the original post. I mean to state:

"This problem does not occur in version 5.3.1 of Aspose.Network."


Thanks for posting the details. We are working on this issue and will get back to you as soon as it gets resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please find the attached hotfix for 64-bit Operating Systems.

Hello Saqib - Thank you for your quick response. I have run the Aspose.Network library you posted and it did correct the issue. Thank you.

Can I consider the posted library as certified, or is it best for me to wait for the next official release of Aspose.Network?


Yes, you may consider the posted hotfix as a certified release of Aspose.Network for .NET and use it in production.

The next release would be published somewhere at the end of this month.

Hi Saqib,

Using Aspose.Network, I'm having another issue calling Mail.Message.Load() on a W2K8 64 bit OS. If you use the same sample application from earlier in this thread with the attached email 'b.msg', the Load() call doesn't return; the CPU spikes to 100%.

In the attached file 'info.zip' you'll find:

  • b.msg - the email causing the problem
  • systeminfo.txt - system information that you may find helpful

Kind Regards,


Hi BTervin,

I have reproduced the issue at my end and logged it in our bug tracking system (ID: 18617). We will inform you as soon as it gets resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please find the attached hotfix

Hi Saqib - Thanks for the quick posting. I'll try the new library and and let you know my results.



Hi Saqib - Just a follow up. I've confirmed Aspose.Network fixed the issue on a W2K8 64 bit host.