Aspose.Network for NET Released


This release contains new features, features enhancement and bug fixes since v3.5. Please check following description for more detail information.

What’s New?

3756 - Support to render multipart/mixed type part in EML format.

A new property Attachment.EmptyAttachment is added for this feature.


MailMessage msg = MailMessage.Load(@“c:\ExchangeMessage.eml”, MessageFormat.Eml);



3758 - Support to delete attachments in Outlook Message files



3759 - Support converting undeliverable report message (Outlook Message files) to Eml format

What’s Fixed?

3751 - Multi-Language bug in reading the subject of Outlook Message files

3752 - Cannot show the name of embeded Ole document

3753 - Empty attachments are removed when converting to EML

3754 - Thows exception when saving an empty attachment

3755 - Loading Eml messages will hung in some Emls

3757 - Throws exception when loading Eml files with invalid mail address

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