Aspose not able to get data from sheet


Attached is an excel sheet that was created using aspose.excel.

I am unable to read data from this sheet, I set the worksheet to 0 and when I get the cell data using:

cell = worksheet.Cells(row, col)

No data is found at 0,0 or 1,0 or 2,0

Any ideas what may be going on?


Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using? I think it’s a very early version. Please try the latest version at


I mean to use the new Aspose.Excel to create this file and open it. If you just want to open this file, please use MS Excel to open and save it.


Laurence, I need aspose to open and read this file. It is still unable to read this file that is uploaded.

Can you show me how to read the file?


This file is created with an ealier version of Aspose.Excel, right? Please try to open this attached file. I use MS Excel97 open and save it without any touch.