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Aspose PDF converter resulting in black images

Im using Aspose version. A few PDF files are getting converted to black TIFF images. Attached are the PDF and converted images for your reference.
(1)_PAC - 22557326 - Palos, Miquel.pdf (313.8 KB)
20180719900001001.png (121.2 KB)


Thank you for contacting support.

You are currently using an outdated version of the API as the latest version is Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.7. Please upgrade to latest version because it includes more features and bug fixes, and support is provided based on latest available version. Furthermore, we have used below code snippet with latest version and generated TIFF file appears fine. We have attached it for your kind reference.
Test_18.7.zip (565.8 KB)

        Document doc = new Document(dataDir + "(1)_PAC - 22557326 - Palos, Miquel.pdf");
        // Create Resolution object
        Aspose.Pdf.Devices.Resolution resolution = new Aspose.Pdf.Devices.Resolution(300, 300);
        // Create TIFF device
        TiffDevice tiffDevice = new TiffDevice(resolution);
        tiffDevice.Process(doc, dataDir + "Test_18.7.tiff");

We hope this will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Thank You @Farhan.Raza for your support. Can you please tell me if we have to pay for the lastest version ?


Please create a topic over Purchase forum for any purchase or subscription related query. However, you can use the API by applying a 30-days temporary license to avoid evaluation limitations. You may apply for temporary license on the given link and evaluate latest version of the API as per your requirements. In case you face any issue, please feel free to let us know.

@Farhan.Raza Thank You for your support. I tried by replacing Outdated version to the latest one that is 18.7. But now I am getting error for Aspose.Pdf . I have attached the file for reference. Even I have tried by upgrading other products like Aspose like Aspose.Words , Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Cells to its latest version.
Please have a look on this. Error underlined as Red Errors.PNG (13.5 KB)
Can you please tell me if this can be converted for the latest aspose components.


Please note there have been several changes and enhancements to Aspose.PDF for .NET API and older code snippets may need some updates in order to work smoothly. However, all such changes are documented under Release Notes section of the API.

Moreover, you can avoid problems in your program by using the namespace Operators instead of Operator because all descendants of Aspose.Pdf.Operator were moved into namespace Aspose.Pdf.Operators as mentioned in Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.6 Release Notes. Furthermore, Matrix Class exists in Aspose.PDF namespace as mentioned in respective API references.

We hope this will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Hi @Farhan.Raza
Thank You for your all support. It was useful. I have one more query. I am not able to find Aspose.Pdf.DOM. We have used this in our code. If this is merged in any other namespace or has been removed.If it can be converted for latest version of Aspose.Pdf ?
Please find the attachment for the reference.DOM.PNG (6.5 KB)


Please note that Aspose.Pdf.Dom.Matrix class was removed and Aspose.Pdf.Matrix class was added, as mentioned over Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.7.0 Release Notes. You may explore API References to find all existing properties and methods of Aspose.PDF for .NET API.

We hope this will be helpful.