Aspose.PDF for c++ support for computer version issues


Aspose.PDF for c ++ 产品的最新版本可以同时支持31位和64位吗?



Aspose.PDF for C ++中的32位支持已经停止,现在Aspose.PDF for C ++仅支持64位架构。如果您需要进一步的帮助,请随时与我们联系。


So if I want to support both 32-bit and 64-bit, which version of Aspose.PDF for C++ should I use?



Aspose.PDF for C++ 19.1 may support 32bit but it is not the recommended version anymore. We always recommend using latest versions because they include more features and big fixes. Moreover, support is offered and issues are resolved based on latest available versions so latest version is the best choice in any case.


Can aspose products support .net core?


Then if I have a project, I have to use a 32-bit computer. Then what should I do? Do you have any good suggestions?



About support for .NET Core Framework, thank you for creating a separate topic. We have replied you in respective thread.

About 32bit, it would be better to change or upgrade your computer sooner than later, because you will need to upgrade to latest versions for sure as new features and bug fixes are incorporated in latest version of the API. Support is also offered based on latest version so we are afraid that using some outdated version may not be suitable.