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Aspose.PDF for Java license usage

Hi There,

I wanted to know how can I use Aspose.PDF for Java license correctly.

If I put the license file at one physical location and one service (say service 1) provides an API to get license file and other two services (say Service 2 and Service 3) are calling service 1 to get license file before creating their respective PDFs. In this scenario, how many licenses are getting utilized?

Note: all three services mentioned above are developed in same organization.

Thank You.


Thank you for contacting support.

We would like to share with you that it is recommended to apply license in some common area of the application, e.g. application start event. If you apply the license on application level, then you do not need to apply it again till the lifespan of the application. Moreover, you can check if the license is set or not, as explained in Validate the License.

We hope this will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.


Thanks Farhan for your quick response.

We are using micro service based architecture. And more than one service have requirement to generate their own pdfs. For maintenance purpose, I do not want to load license in every service startup. Here, If I develop Aspose license service (having license file located physically in it) which will provide license file stream for other services then how many developer license will get utilized? is it one as per its physical location OR multiple as multiple services are using it to generate pdf documents?



Please clarify if you are looking for the information about license types like which license would you need to buy as per your scenario. You can visit Purchase Policies and FAQs and License Types for your kind reference. You can find Purchase, Licensing and Subscription FAQs over there and in case of any further sales related query, you may create a post over Purchase Forums.