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Aspose.Pdf.Form Product Preview

Dear customers,

We are going to build a new product named Aspose.Pdf.Form.

1 Pdf form and its application
1.1 What is Pdf form : Like an HTML page, a PDF document may contains an interactive form (sometimes referred to as an AcroForm) made up of various form fields such as text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, pushbuttons, etc., for gathering information from the user.
1.2 Mailmerge from an Database: A common task in many offices is to publish a newsletter or mailing and send it to customers , for example, filling in the name and address of each customer and inserting a date into a mailing letter. All personalized letters will be gathered in a single PDF document so it can be printed.
1.3 Invoices with master/detail relation: Based on a template pdf document, you can make an invoice for each order and gather all the invoices for each customer in a new separate document. The new invoice can be sent to clients at last.

2.Basic pdf form access API
2.1 Reading function : read all fields of the pdf and their properties such as type(TextBox, RadioButton, CheckBox, ComboBox), readonly and so on.
2.2 Writing function: writing function includes two points:
1) create new fields when creating a new pdf document.
2)fill the form: fill the fields of the existing pdf document. Of course this funciton needs reading the fields from the existing pdf document at first.

3 A GUI development tool for pdf form-filling
We expect to develop a tool to ease the development of the form-filling project. It will only need the user set some arguments like the existing template pdf , the data source(database, structured file ,and so on), and the relation of the fields and the data source.

I welcome you guys to request features in this forum for the Aspose.Word.Suite.

Hi Aspose

When Aspose.Pdf.Form product will be available?



Dear Marc,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf.Form will be available in about 3 months later. Ken, the developer of this product, will give more precise date when he finished the development plan.

Dear Marc,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

If the developing process is all right, we can provide the product at the bottom of December.

Dear customer,
Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.0 has Released!
Please refer to here for more infomation.